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Ben Affleck To Play Batman

After a month of speculation following the announcement at Comic-Con that the Man Of Steel sequel would include Batman, Warner Bros have announced that Ben Affleck will be taking on the role of the Dark Knight.

Man Of Steel director, Zack Snyder, will return to helm the sequel, aiming for a 2015 release, which will also see the return of Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent.


Cronos | 23rd August, 2013
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Stolen from Facebook but relevant :

Originally Posted by Ben "Show me the money" Affleck
By playing a superhero in Daredevil, I have inoculated myself from ever playing another superhero. Wearing a costume was a source of humiliation for me and something I wouldn't want to do again soon.
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"I wouldn't want to do again soon."

10 Years Later..
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Even Adam West would have been a better choice than this.
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People are comparing this to the reaction when Ledger was announced as Joker, but he hadn't really been bad in anything. Nothing will wash away Pearl Harbour or Daredevil.

I know I'm a Frank Miller fanboy, but that's the Batman I want to see and Josh Brolin would be perfect.
From Twitter:

When Christian Bale said anyone could be Batman, this isn't what he meant.

Brolin (apart from the accent) would make a great Batman

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