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GameOn Podcast #10 - Game Mods Past and Present

In this weeks podcast we discuss Game Modifications. We look at some of the bigger mods from the past and how they have influenced gaming, todays mod scene and the differences, and what may happen with mods in the future...

The GameOn Podcast #10

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In this weeks podcast we have

Evilgiraffeman Si^

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Rasher | 19th May, 2010
Betty_Swallocks's picture
It all seemed to start going downhill when EA got burned with Battlefield Vietnam. It was a great game but at the time it came out everyone, and I mean everyone was playing Desert Combat. If DC hadn't been around BF:V would have done a lot better.
I can't help wondering if they decided to make sure that didn't happen again. Certainly every BF2 patch seemed to do something to set the modders right back.

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