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GameOn Podcast #11 - Question Time

In this weeks podcast we get our staff to answer some questions from you.

The GameOn Podcast #11

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In this weeks podcast we have

Evilgiraffeman Si^

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Rasher | 26th May, 2010
Angelfromabove's picture
Im liking the Q & A podcast this week
Think this would be a good idea for every 10th podcast maybe.
Dead Alive's picture
Worst sequel for me is definitely Alundra to Alundra 2.

Alundra was a brilliant top down adventure on PS1, much like Zelda: ALtTP:

Alundra 2 was a horrible, bad to control 3D game which had nothing to do with the original:
TimmyShire's picture
Good listen guys. Very interesting and amusing.

A disagree on a lot of points, but that's life I suppose.

Flame wars though, really?
JK Ferret's picture
Lol, I hear Rash/Luke got at least one question in (3rd)

And maybe DA (sexy hot women) also

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