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GameOn Podcast #15 - GC 2010

This weeks podcast is our 15th release and in this podcast we talk about GameOn's trip to Germany visiting Gamescom.

The GameOn Podcast #15

Download 25 Mb 27 Minutes

In this weeks podcast we have

Si^ Evilgiraffeman Wedge 

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Rasher | 17th October, 2010
Angelfromabove's picture
Simon? Who the **** is Simon?
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Originally Posted by Angelfromabove View Post
Simon? Who the **** is Simon?
Simon I think she's talking about you

An enjoyable podcast guys, totally agree with what was said. I believe the lack of spark at GC10 was partly due to the fact that four of us were at the same event last year and a lot of the stands were in the exact same place with identical designs, albeit with a "2" on the end of the game name. And I also agree with Wedgeh that the wheelchair access was again non-existant. Terrible in this day and age.

Angel and Jess, looking back now how was the event for you? I think overall we got a good number of nice previews up, so I believe we did a great job.

Regarding booth girls, I think there were a few decent ones but nothing special. Angel became the official GameOn booth girl photographer so PM her for photos; I took just the one of these action girls:

Oh and here's the groovy press kit of Witcher 2 Giraffe mentioned:

The road trip itself was epic, especially the bit when *removed for legal reasons*
Angelfromabove's picture
The event for me was awesome, it was my first time of going to a show as you know so I had no previous experience to relate too. Hopefully GameOn will take me again next year though so I can see which one is better lol

I definately agree with Wedge though when he suggested that there needs to be a second day for the press only, once the public hit the Kolnmesse it was nigh impossible to get any real hands on time with certain big named titles.

As for booth girls, I took it upon myself to photograph the girls, it looks less creepy than Ironside wheeling up to them (Hai Rash) at least! haha!

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