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GameOn Podcast #6 - RPG Gaming

The GameOn Podcast #6
A new podcast will be released each week

This weeks podcast we talk about RPG Gaming

The GameOn Podcast #6

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In this weeks podcast we have

Evilgiraffeman Angelfromabove Si^

A new podcast will be released each week
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Rasher | 21st April, 2010
Angelfromabove's picture
This came out a lot better than i imagined it would, some great editing there as i was very nervous and waffled on quite a lot
Ps, my voice is so cringeworthy!
Ex0dUs's picture
You did great for your first one! Hope you enjoyed making it, and everyone else that listens im sure has
POBmaestro's picture
Good stuff! As a fan of RPG's this made a good listen. You sounded fine Angel, I think most people dislike the sound of their own voice but those fears are unfounded
Angelfromabove's picture
Thanks Pob Im glad you enjiyed it
TimmyShire's picture
Very good Podcast guys. Enjoyable opinions on things there.

Considering RPGs are my favourite genre, I found it particularly enlightening. I have the same complaint as Giraffe about these decisions in games. I find I tend to mix up my decisions based on each situation. Murdering an old lady, for example, I may not do. Stealing someone's lunch money, however, I would. This tends to leave me at a disadvantage though, since I never really see any benefits as a whole since I tend to become 'neutral'. What I'd like to see is some kind of continual reward... take Dragon Age for example. Dependant on which King you choose could affect the kind of reward you're given, a stronghold or a regular sum of money. The original Baldur's Gate on the PC was great for this kind of thing, especially the second.

As you can see, I like RPGs...

Very good Podcast though, loved listening to it and you have a very nice voice Saz, so don't worry about that!

Additional comments from my girlfriend...
"He (meaning Giraffe) has a very good voice for it. Kinda like a radio man."
"He (meaning Si) needs to control how loud he is (referring to the moment during the Podcast where Si yelled down the mic )

Very good guys, look forward to the next.
Beanz's picture
What Angel, no mention of Risen as your favourite RPG?!

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