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GameOn Podcast #9 - Point and Click

Recently there has been a big trend in reviving older games, giving them makeovers and a new lease of life, as well as bringing them to new platforms and media not seen before.

Today's Podcast takes a look at the classic Point and Click Adventure Game genre, and some of the new developments we have seen by companies to try and revitalise and bring back the feelings and memories many older gamers have, as well as introduce newer gamers to a brilliant and understated area of gaming.

The GameOn Podcast #9

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In this weeks podcast we have

Evilgiraffeman Si^

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Rasher | 12th May, 2010
Dead Alive's picture
The Dig was fantastic, got that, Grim Fandango, Sam and Max and Full Throttle in a 4 pack a while back; all 4 brilliant games. Adventure is still my favorite genre of game.

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