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GameOn's First Podcast - Should We Be Charged For DLC

Welcome to the first GameOn Podcast
A new podcast will be released each week (sometimes more than one a week)

This weeks podcast is based on the latest craze of DLC from publishers


The GameOn Podcast #1

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In this weeks podcast we have

Evilgiraffeman Wedge Marky

A new podcast will be released each week
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Rasher | 16th March, 2010
Rasher's picture
I have to agree with whats been said here, the some of the DLC is getting silly with them charging for it, i don't mind the small charges but even borderlands
at £6 a pop, i have now paid over £18 "extra" for the DLC
that's almost the price of the game again.....
Hairy's picture
I thought the original idea of DLC was that it would be free content for already released games.

Anything else is an addon imo. Whether it's split into chunks of a few quid or given as a 20 pound package, you've paid for it so it's an addon. In WoW, stuff like new dungeons, new raids, talent changes, game balancing etc is DLC . It comes every couple of months and you don't pay any extra to the subscription or the cost of the game itself.
ExcessNeo's picture
It is all relative in my eyes.

Some DLC should be free others cannot for it to be viable.

Rock Band is a perfect example of this, every week 5-10 new tracks, often big artists 99p per track or packs at discount prices. It's essentially the same price as going onto itunes and buying an mp3 except you can play along to it potentially increasing your enjoyment.

It is great when developers include a new map or 2 in a patch ala Valve with Left 4 Dead, etc. As it shows they really care for the community. Ofcourse it isn't viable to do this too often.

I tend to vote with my wallet when it comes down to DLC, if it increases my enjoyment in a singleplayer environment (borderlands does this to some extent) I'll buy it. If it's just a few multiplayer only maps or something like that sod that.

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